Octopath Tourist 2 secret task places as well as unlock demands

Octopath Traveler 2 secret job locations and unlock requirements

Octopath Tourist 2 has 4 secret work to unlock. These operate a little in different ways than the very first video game’s innovative work. As opposed to opening them from huge manager battles, you obtain several of these work simply by engaging with routine NPCs.

Listed below, we note out where to discover as well as open the 4 secret work: developer, armsmaster, magician, as well as arcanist.

Developer secret additional task place

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Resource photos: Square Enix

The developer guild remains in the northeast component of Eastern New Delsta Highroad, so you can open it really soon after you begin the video game (also quicker if you begin with Throné).

Nonetheless, you will certainly require to discover particular crucial things in order to unlock Developer abilities, instead of making use of Work Information (JP), implying it’s not a terrific selection for very early video game.

What does developer do?

The developer makes use of abilities based upon brand-new creations (duh) as well as all these abilities have various cooldowns in fight. When you make use of an innovation, you require to make use of a count on begin making a brand-new one, and after that a details variety of turns require to pass prior to you can utilize it once more. This can differ anywhere from one added rely on 4 even more turns.

Usually, developer functions as both a barrier as well as debuffer, however it can likewise damage guards rather well if you increase your steps.

Armsmaster key additional task place

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Resource photos: Square Enix

The armsmaster guild remains in a blacksmith’s residence in Gravell. A male will initially be obstructing this door, as well as you’ll require to knock him out making use of a course activity like Obstacle (Hikari) or Ambush (Throné).

Much Like the Developer, you require to bring particular things to the blacksmith in order to unlock abilities. When it comes to the armsmaster, you require to bring the blacksmith particular corroded tools that he smiths right into great tools. You require to outfit these to your armsmaster in order for them to be able to make use of the associated ability.

What does armsmaster do?

The abilities differ, however each of them will certainly do even more damages based upon various other conditions. As an example, the spear assault does even more damages if there are much more adversaries as well as the bow assault will certainly set off two times if you damage a guard throughout it.

The bread-and-butter ability for armsmaster is “Sixfold Strike,” which strikes an opponent one-time with each tool, permitting you to identify weak points fast as well as break guards quickly. Armsmaster normally is simply a ruthless physical assailant.

Magician key additional task place

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Resource photos: Square Enix

To open the magician, you require to go up the Five-Tiered Tower in Ku. The tower gets on the right in the castle entryway component of Ku. Based upon our gameplay, we were just able to accessibility this tower in Ku after finishing Hikari’s tale. You will certainly require to combat 5 employers, with the last one being the magician herself. The majority of these employers won’t be as well hard, as well as you don’t need to defeat them done in a row without recovery. You can conserve, recover, as well as also leave without needing to begin with the start once more.

The magician can be challenging, as she swaps in between 2 collections of weak points. When she’s the temple maiden, her weak points are polearm, bow, ice, as well as dark. When she switches over to be a sword-wielding satanic force, she’s weak versus axe, team, wind, as well as light.

When you defeat the magician, she’ll offer you a permit as well as disappear. That claimed, there’s no real “guild” for this task as well as you won’t see a flag on the map for it.

Unlike the above 2 work, you really open magician abilities with JP. Each ability sets you back 2,000 JP to unlock.

What does magician do?

Magician’s major abilities originate from imbuing physical strikes with aspects, which is a terrific buffing ability to maximize adversary essential weak points. It likewise has a capability that will totally recover as well as revitalize all your celebration participants — at the expense of missing out on the following 6 turns.

Generally, magician is a terrific assistance course that will certainly supplement a lot of the personalities.

Arcanist secret additional task place

To open arcanist, you require to have the watercraft opened, which calls for having Partitio as well as $100,000. When you have both him as well as the cash, head to Tropu’hopu, a community eastern of Beasting Town (where you obtain Ochette). Head completely right in the area to obtain the chance to acquire a ship. You will just obtain this chance if Partitio remains in your celebration.

Set out as well as head to the easternmost island, The Lost Island. To obtain right here, you will certainly need to battle a manager within a whirlpool. We were level 50 when we dealt with the one in charge as well as took it out quickly without any concerns.

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Resource photos: Square Enix

As Soon As you’re on the island, direct the ladder as well as alter the moment to evening. You’ll discover a light blue twinkling course going left from before the indication. Take that course as well as you’ll see an arcanist that simply provides you the task permit as well as poofs off right into the evening. Goodbye!

Much like magician, each ability sets you back 2,000 JP to unlock.

What does arcanist do?

Arcanist is one more assistance task, as it does both light as well as dark damages while likewise bring back the celebration’s HP as well as SP. It likewise has lots of abilities that prolong the period of enthusiasts as well as debuffs. Its magnificent ability expenses 50 SP as well as enables you to prolong the period of a lover forever. Set this with one more ability that enables the personality to maintain enthusiasts also if they pass away, as well as you have actually a quite piled group.

For even more assist with Octopath Tourist 2, have a look at our overview on the most effective task combinations, as well as discover exactly how to farm EXP better.

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