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The Power of the Breath – Beyond Meditation with Julie Brument

Julie Brument is a breathwork facilitator, hatha and also yin yoga exercise teacher, arbitration leader and also Reiki degree II teacher. To claim the least, she concentrates on all points alternative wellness and also is recognized for her genuine training design and also compassion-centered ideology. Julie is leading “The Power of the Breath” breathwork workshop on Saturday, March 18 at Limestyle where participants can find out about the scientific research behind breathwork, the recovery power of the breath, and also leading breathing strategies to minimize tension, stress and anxiety and also sleeping disorders while restoring quality, peace and also power. 

We took a seat with Julie for more information concerning her history, the power of the breath and also just how it impacts all facets of health and wellness and also wellness in our day-to-days live, and also what we can get out of her future workshop.

What is breathwork?
Breathwork is a mindfulness task that incorporates a selection of breath control strategies. The beginnings of breathwork can be mapped back to old India (pranayama), with most of the strategies created at that time still being exercised today. Furthermore, there are modern-day breathwork strategies that lately came to be prominent like Wim Hof or Holotropic breathwork. 

You can exercise mild breathwork, soothing breathwork, breathwork for power, toughness, emphasis, and so on. 


Along with being a prominent leisure and also recovery technique, breathwork has actually likewise verified to provide a variety of health and wellness advantages. This makes it among one of the most all-natural approaches of dealing with a selection of concerns, such as taking care of acute/chronic discomfort; assisting with sleeping disorders, weight reduction, interest deficiency, stress and anxiety, clinical depression, injury, and also pain; enhancing instinct, imagination, mindfulness, self-confidence, and also management; and also a lot more.

Individuals frequently believe that exercising mild breathwork resembles reflection. Actually, it is not. Breathwork is a device while reflection is a state. We offer our minds a job: to concentrate on our breath. Offered a job, our minds are frequently a lot easier to soothe.

Inform us concerning your individual link to breathwork. Just how did you obtained associated with it, and also what are the advantages you’ve experienced from breathwork. 
I began to exercise breathwork the very first time I tipped on a yoga exercise floor covering, concerning 14 years back. I had no concept what breathwork was, first of all since words ‘breathwork’ was not as prominent as today, second of all since I did not actually recognize just how breath control might assist me get in touch with my body, my feelings and also to kick back. It really felt uneasy, and also truthfully I was also young and also also separated from my physical experiences and also feelings. For me, resting on a floor covering and also needing to remain still was a pure problem. 


With the years, I had lots of educators that just instructed the strategies however without describing the concept behind it, why it was useful to regulate the breath, the influence on the body and mind, along with just how it functions from a clinical viewpoint. I required that understanding in order to recognize just how the method would certainly profit me, my health and wellness, and also my life generally.

I initially recognized the power of the breath in India with pranayama (yogic breathing strategies) in 2019. I after that experienced holotropic breathwork (or mindful linked breathwork) a couple of years back in Shanghai. The course was led by an amazing male, and also it actually altered my life. I kept returning to do sessions with him up until he left Shanghai. The toughness of this breathing strategy assists you bypass your mindful mind and also accessibility your subconscious. It assists to recover injuries, psychological clogs and also launch “stuck power.” 

What is remarkable with breathwork is that you are the one accountable. You can reach you desire. If you really feel uneasy, you can withdraw and also return to it later on. 

I directly utilize mild breathwork daily if I really feel worried, nervous or simply bewildered – taking a couple of deep lengthy breath assists to place points in point of view and also to take a go back from our invasive or unfavorable ideas. It assists to tame the “ape mind.”


It has actually likewise assisted me rest much better; I have way a lot more power, and also I really feel a lot more based and also kicked back. It likewise assisted me do much better when I do daily workout like running.

The body and mind are wonderful and also remarkable companions in the recovery procedure when connected with mindful breathing. It isn’t magic, and also you don’t require to be a specialist to do it. It is a straightforward chain reaction in between the lungs and also the mind – a principle I clarify thoroughly in my future workshop (see information listed below).

*Keep in mind that solid types of breathwork are best exercised with a certified professional, such as Holotropic and also Rebirthing breathwork. It is essential to experiment a person that has the experience to maintain you risk-free throughout your method.

Just how can breathwork – along with reflection, workout, or various other usual types of mindfulness tasks – aid enhance individuals’s daily lives? 
Breathwork can assist lots of facets, from ending up being a lot more mindful and also familiar with your feelings, to taking care of discomfort and also psychological recovery. 

By finding out breathwork, you discover just how to change your power and also uplevel right into brand-new degrees of awareness, understanding and also health and wellness. Master Breathwork instructor Dan Brule composes;

“When your state modifications, your breathing pattern modifications. As well as it’s a two-way road: when you transform your breathing pattern, you transform your state!” 

Likewise, you require your breath to work daily, however likewise to practice meditation, workout, rest well and also be a lot more existing. We do it immediately greater than 22,000 times each day, and also the majority of us are taking a breath incorrect.


Specifically nowadays, every specialist, no matter their market, understands the tension and also ever before enhancing needs of the modern-day office. With the rate of details continuously increasing, the target date driven jobs, the frustrating modern technology where we constantly require to be linked, the much searched for ‘job life equilibrium’ is ending up being ever before a lot more evasive.

Breathwork places the power back in our hands. Lots of execs and also leaders are currently mentioning it as their ace in the hole, supplying an authentic affordable benefit to assist do at their ideal. It assists them to redouble, re-energize, reduced tension degrees and also raise imagination.


Envision the possibility of a kicked back, clear-minded and also concentrated group all functioning in the direction of the exact same objective – efficiency is bound to raise, enabling individuals to function smarter not harder. 

Exist any type of false impressions concerning breathwork you wish to resolve?
Yes, many individuals point out that they do ‘breathwork’ with an application or in your home. It is a great primary step, however the in-person courses are a lot more effective and also produce much better outcomes.

This is since all the in-person courses I run begin with some motions to open up the breast and also stomach cavitiy. As a facilitator I can likewise straight assist an individual appropriate his/her breathing patterns by revealing him or her just how to breath appropriately. Ultimately, the power of a team of individuals brings about gorgeous, unparalleled experiences. We were made to be linked to every various other as people, not separated behind displays regularly. 


Likewise, individuals do not constantly recognize that breathwork is not one solitary strategy. It is a selection of strategies. It resembles be stating “I do yoga exercise.” Ok, however which sort of yoga exercise? There’s hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, and so on., each having its very own function.

Inform us even more concerning your future breathwork workshop. What can visitors anticipate to experience throughout this 2-hour session, and also just how can they use what they discover to their lives? 
The future workshop is mosting likely to be held at a brand-new alternative area called Limestyle. I think that health does not originate from one solitary method however by the mix of lots of (an all natural method), which’s precisely what Limestyle has to do with.


The workshop individuals can anticipate to find out about the scientific research behind breathwork and also just how to utilize the recovery power of the breath to launch physical, psychological, and also energised clogs along with just how to soothe your nerve system and also really feel even more existing at any type of point in their day-to-days live. 

It will certainly likewise assist them to end up being a lot more mindful and also familiar with their breath. As an example, when they are concentrating a lot on a job that they are keeping their breath, or if they are beginning to really feel worried and also begin to breath from their breast or from the mouth – every one of this is what we intend to prevent, so I will certainly educate individuals what to do in these scenarios. 

Once we end up being a lot more in harmony with our breath and also the impacts it carries our body, we reclaim control of our respiratory system features, however a lot more significantly, our mind and also feelings. 

The workshop is divided in 2 components, one component is concept and also the various other one is method (60 minutes method consisting of motions). A nibble buffet will certainly be offered after that with sodas. Individuals will certainly get a gift bag also. 

That can profit most from participating in the breathwork workshop? 
Any Person! Come precisely as you are, with an open mind and also the determination to attempt something brand-new or to dive deeper right into something you have actually exercised prior to. 

I simply recommend to use something baggy and also comfy.


Nevertheless, it is not suggested to do breathwork if you have a case history pertaining to bronchial asthma and also breathing concerns without talking with your physician. While mild breathwork can assist some problems, solid breathwork – like Conscious Connected Breathwork (or Holotropic) – cannot be carried out if you have heart disease, hypertension, and so on. or if you are expectant.

Just how can That’s Shanghai visitors subscribe to go to the breathwork workshop?
Simply check the workshop QR code on the leaflet listed below to reserve your place today. The session is restricted to 15 individuals. We are opening up an additional session in April also for those that will certainly lose out on this. 


While I do not directly take sign-ups for this session, individuals can likewise call me for any type of concerns or if they intend to strengthen their experiment personal sessions, as I do provide both personal and also business breathwork sessions.


Julie Brument

Connecting yoga exercise, Breathwork, reflection and also psychological health and wellness, Julie’s objective is to assist individuals live their ideal, healthiest lives and also really prosper. She supplies both personal and also business sessions. 

Company Health: Courses and also Workshops

Julie strategies business health with an all natural frame of mind and also assists groups to find available means to improve strength, handle their tension and also make frame of mind changes for even more victories. Groups and also leaders will certainly be much better furnished to attain objectives and also get to success without compromising their wellness.

Limestyle History

Started by Polina Wang and also Justin Wang in 2019, Limestyle is an all natural health and also joy academy located in Shanghai’s Minhang area. It works as a joy academy and also an all natural university hospital, with the purpose of combining Eastern ideology and also knowledge with Western scientific research to lead individuals’s modern-day way of livings and also company versions in this brand-new period. The facility concentrates on enhancing individuals’s total feeling of joy by checking out different facets of people, such as physical, spiritual, intellectual, psychological, and also relational health.

[All images courtesy of Julie Brument and Limestyle Studio]

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