10 Monsters In Beast Seeker That Resemble Pokemon

Monster Hunter rhenoplos and Pokemon rhydon

The Beast Seeker collection has actually been around for over twenty years, and also its globally appeal has actually just boosted in time. Among one of the most significant points in Beast Seeker is its beast styles, which vary from noticeable to ridiculously innovative, relying on the beast.

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One more prominent collection understood for its beast styles is Pokemon. Pokemon might be older than Beast Seeker, yet they absolutely have comparable motivations, with Beast Seeker also having its very own Pokemon-like offshoot collection, Beast Seeker Stories. Due to this, there are a handful of Beast Seeker beasts that appear like and also have capacities comparable to details Pokemon.


10 Zamtrios

zamtrios from monster hunter stories 2 and mega swampert from pokemon home

The Zamtrios, which initially showed up in Beast Seeker 4, looks comparable to Huge Swampert, the sixth-generation Huge Evolved type of the third-generation Water and also Ground-type Pokemon Swampert. After thinking about their looks and also water nature, that’s where their most significant resemblances finish.

Although these water monstrosities have some comparable actions, the distinction is exactly how they are executed. The Zamtrios can decorate itself with ice shield to safeguard itself versus challengers and also carry out a lot more effective strikes, while Huge Swampert can load its back body organs with air prior to diving undersea, so it can carry out a lot more effective strikes to remove its challengers a lot more quickly.

9 Nargacuga

nargacuga from monster hunter stories 2 and official noivern art

The Nargacuga, presented in Beast Seeker Liberty Unite, is a Traveling Wyvern that looks comparable to the sixth-generation Dragon and also Flying-type Pokemon Noivern. Both beasts are partly motivated by bats, which is why they are both able to see well at night. Due to this, they additionally both like living in darker locations of the atmosphere.

While Noivern makes use of sound-based strikes versus its target, the Nargacuga, when angered, can camouflage itself to the factor where it appears almost unnoticeable, besides its radiant red eyes. Nargacuga additionally do not end up being shy when subjected to light as Noivern do.

8 Malfestio

malfestio from monster hunter generations and shiny noctowl from the pokemon anime

The Malfestio, initially presented in Beast Seeker Generations, resembles the second-generation Typical and also Flying-type Pokemon Noctowl. Both based upon owls, potentially and also a lot more especially horned owls as a result of their head framework; these hypnotic bird animals each have their very own method of perplexing their challengers and also placing them to rest.

For the Malfestio, it puzzles its target by losing a flurry of disorienting yellow ranges created by its plumes, while it can additionally create an ultrasound beam of light to place them to rest. In a similar way, Noctowl can normally find out the Psychic-type relocations Complication and also Hypnotherapy, regardless of not being a Psychic-type Pokemon.

7 Apceros

apceros from monster hunter stories 2 and torterra official pokemon anime art

The saurian herbivore Apceros, which debuted in the initial video game in the Beast Seeker collection, merely labelled Beast Seeker, resembles the fourth-generation Turf and also Ground-type Pokemon Torterra. Both beasts are greatly based upon Ankylosaurs, revealed with their spikes and also the comparable forms of their heads and also bodies.

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Because of its style in Investigator Pikachu, Torterra has actually additionally looked much more comparable to the a lot more realistic-looking Apceros in the mainline Beast Seeker collection, also if it was a lot bigger. In spite of their style resemblances, these spiky saurians flourish in various atmospheres, with Apceros favoring the desert and also Torterra favoring a lot more hilly areas.

6 Anjanath

anjanath from monster hunter stories 2 and official tyrantrum art

The Anjanath, a distressing beast that debuted in Beast Seeker: Globe, resembles the sixth-generation Rock and also Dragon-type Fossil Pokemon Tyrantrum. Both based upon the Tyrannosaurus, these beasts are both efficient in taking a breath fire or comparable components.

For the Anjanath, this results from an unique body organ in its throat, comparable to exactly how some scientists have actually presumed dragons would certainly function and also have the ability to take a breath fire naturally if they existed. For Tyrantrum, this results from its Dragon inputting, having the ability to find out strikes like Fire Fang, yet oddly sufficient, it can not find out strikes like Weapon, Fire Blast, or Dragonbreath.

5 Rhenoplos

rhenoplos from monster hunter tri, rhyhorn pokemon card art, and rhydon anime art

The Rhenoplos, a durable herbivore initially presented in Beast Seeker Tri, has some resemblances to the first-generation Ground-type Pokemon Rhyhorn and also its progressed type Rhydon, appearing like an incorporated variation of both. Every one of these animals have unbelievably long lasting hides and also appear to be motivated by both rhinocerouses and also ceratopsids, with Rhydon additionally being motivated by different kaiju.

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2 of these durable animals, the Rhenoplos and also Rhyhorn especially, are understood for billing any kind of close-by animals they regard as a risk and also aren’t able to quit themselves when they begin, just quiting when collapsing right into rocks or solid sufficient wall surfaces.

4 Zinogre

zinogre from monster hunter stories 2 and mega manectric official art

The Zinogre, a blue, electrical, lupine-like Fanged Wyvern initially presented in Beast Seeker Portable 3rd, resembles Huge Manectric, the sixth-generation Huge Evolved type of the third-generation Electric-type Pokemon Manectric.

The Zinogre can bring in close-by Thunderbugs and also utilize their electrical power to bill itself up and also carry out a lot more effective strikes. At the very same time, Manectric frequently releases the electrical power it has actually gathered in its hair, developing thunderclouds consequently. In its Huge Evolved type, its rate boosts, yet it cannot completely regulate all the electrical power it has actually collected. Because of exactly how it soaks up electrical power, Zinogre is virtually like an improved variation of Huge Manectric.

3 Giggi

giggi from monster hunter 3 and tynamo official art

The little lamprey-like Giggi that initially showed up in Beast Seeker 3 look like the fifth-generation Electric-type Pokemon Tynamo. Both animals like to stay in teams, with Giggi hugging the cavities they hatched out from and also Tynamo living in institutions.

While Tynamo can not create poisonous substance as Giggi can, they can still disable any kind of animals nearby by disabling them with their electric capacities. When in a team, Tynamo are claimed to be able to create an electrical shock as effective as lightning. Both animals can be harmful in teams yet are much less harmful than their completely grown up types, the Gigginox and also Eeelektross, specifically.

2 Teostra

monster hunter teostra art and pyroard card art

The Teostra, an intense lion-like Senior Dragon that debuted in Beast Seeker 2, looks comparable to the male variation of the sixth-generation Pokemon Pyroar. Both related to the component of fire, these kingly monsters will certainly collaborate with their women equivalents when needed.

Male Pyroar, commonly leaders of their satisfaction, will certainly battle any kind of opposition and also shield their buddies, while the women shield the cubs, while Teostra will certainly collaborate with Lunastra when they remain in the location to effectively remove a challenger. Unlike Pyroar, Teostra have wings that permit them to fly and also ranges that create eruptive powder, making them look like they can be a Huge Developed variation of Pyroar.

1 Uruki

uruki monster hunter frontier g genuine art and galarian meowth card art

The Uruki is a bearded felyne that just showed up in Beast Seeker Frontier G Genuine, the 4th installation of the Japan-exclusive Beast Seeker Frontier G collection. Because of its look, it resembles the Steel-type Galarian type of the first-generation Normal-type Pokemon Meowth.

Coming from the eighth-generation video games, Galarian Meowth is potentially based upon Norwegian Woodland Pet cats and also has actually adjusted to dealing with Vikings, with some components of its body developing into iron and also progressing right into Perrserker after several fights. Uruki are a lot more serene comparative, as they like to fish, harvest nuts, and also often tend to the harmful plants they expand near their area.

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